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— ガイドライン —

•マスク着用 必須(汚れる恐れがあるので、気になる方は予備を持って来て下さい。)

•現金での支払い 不可
•店内での飲食 不可.
蓋付のボトルは持ち込み可能(カフェなどの使い捨てカップは持ち込み 不可).

— キャンセル、リスケジュール対象—

— Guidelines —

⁃ A face mask is required when visiting the salon.
⁃ Please sanitize your cell phone.
⁃ Please sanitize your hands.
⁃ We will be checking your temperature before entering the store.
⁃ Self check sheets are available on our website.
The self check sheet must be filled out within 24 hours prior to your appointment. (Please do not fill out MORE than 24 hours prior to your appointment)
- We are no accepting cash.
⁃ No pets allowed.
⁃ If you are bringing children, please bring only those can sit quietly on their own.(6years and older)
⁃ Eating in the store is not allowed.
Water bottles/hydro flasks with a lid are now    allowed to be brought into the salon.(Disposable cups are not allowed)
⁃ If you have any allergies, please take your medication beforehand and visit the store only when and if you show no flu-like symptoms.
⁃ Please bring minimal belongings.
(We cannot take your jacket/bags.)
⁃ We are only accepting appointments (no walk-ins). Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time.
⁃ We will have to decline our service and cancel your appointment if you are late to your appointment time. (Reasons such as: traffic, not being able to find parking.. etc)
*Please reschedule or cancel your appointment if:
- You have experienced flu-like symptoms or COVID-19 type symptoms in the last 10 days.
- You are in the middle of self isolation.
- You have been outside of Canada or have been in contact with someone who has been outside of Canada.